Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Story of My Life

The Haiku is easy and fun and you can do it anywhere. Last year I was really into haikus. It was, like, my totally favorite hobby. Knowing this, a friend of mine informed me of a local haiku-writing competition, sponsored by the Salt Lake Tribune. The theme of this competition was jell-o, and although I was mostly into writing haikus about more traditional themes such as love, nature, war, and pokémon, I decided that entering couldn't hurt, especially since the grand prize was a jell-o cookbook. I got busy writing, and here's what I submitted:


I struggle with this:
if my friend turned to jell-o,
I'd have to eat him.

How it's Made

Grind hoof to powder.
Add artificial flavors.
Add water, let chill.

my fav:
Many Uses

Oh! little heffer,
we try not to be wasteful
so we'll eat your feet.

Let's be honest, these haikus are awesome. So you can imagine why I was surprised when the results were published in the paper. To my shock/dismay, I had missed the deadline. It was actually due a day before I had submitted my poetry. Also, the winner was in 2nd grade. 2nd place was in 3rd grade, and 3rd place was in 1st grade.

All in all, I'm a little bit glad that my submissions didn't get chosen. This pretty much sums it up:

I Don't Even Like Jell-o

Had I known the date,
Many children would have cried.
Enjoy your cookbook.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

You, try and flex on Me? Don't be silly.

In real life, every-day situations, I don't get fired-up very often. Today I did. It got to the point that I was at the edge of my seat, chuckling and scoffing and rolling my ojos and biting my tongue and fidgeting.

I have learned though, that when I'm really heated about something, my thoughts all rush to the part of my brain that fills my mouth, and I don't make any sense when I try and argue. Curse? or blessing?

I think it was when he told the class that the students he taught were going to be bossing me and my friends around when we graduate.

On days like these, I listen to uplifting hip-hop. Like this:

(click the picture)