Monday, August 11, 2008


Tomorrow's the big day. The potentially best/potentially worst day of my life. Yikes.

Rather than think about how tomorrow could change my life, I want to (need to) divert my attention. One appropriate outlet is watching the olympics. But I can only watch a game that I don't understand for so long. Seriously, swords make that sport sound so much cooler than it is.

Perhaps a more appropriate diversion, no offense, would be to think of how the days that have led up to tomorrow have changed my life. I submit the following:

I doubt it was fate (but maybe karma) that placed me in four classes with Manasseh, two classes with Regan, and one class (and lots of "extra-curricular" activities) with Rory. You get to know each other really well when stripped of all pride and confidence by your teachers, and then forced to stay awake until 2 o'clock. Luckily, they still liked the pride-less, tired me, and friendship ensued. Surviving last winter semester would've been impossible without them. I'll never forget walking through that trailer door and seeing them hard at work... It was beautiful. Talk of pizza parties, New Kids on the Block videos, random Misfits sing-alongs, a real pizza party, the notes we left on the board, bags of candy, dogging on others' "really well-designed" magazines... That time Rory took his shirt off... No matter what happens tomorrow, it wasn't all for nothing! It was worth every minute.

They are all great, and they, equally as anxiously as I, await the news tomorrow. In fact tonight, I got a good-luck email from Rory, a blog post/animation thing from Regan, and a phone call from Manasseh. They are the best.

Tomorrow is the day. But regardless of what happens, I have made some great friends, which might even be more important than a BFA degree... might. So thanks fellas. I couldn't have done it without you (nor would I want to). Besides, didn't we say "all or nothing?"