Thursday, July 3, 2008

Awkward Second Post

I haven't touched my "blog" lately. Mainly for 2 reasons:

1. I set myself up for an awkward second post. I'll just say it, I wasn't accepted into design school. My second post was going to be celebratory, where I would announce the beginning of this new chapter. But i was rejected, forced into taking another class in the spring and reapplying in August. I have fixed what was deemed wrong by my potential professors and am hopeful and confident about the August review.

2. My life doesn't deserve to be the subject of a web site. Even if it is just a Blogger, making my life the subject would be pointless. I don't live far away from my friends or family, so a run in at the grocery store is more than enough time for those people to catch up on my life. I will probably mention things that are happening, and you'll probably get a glimpse of where I'm going and what I'm into by the things I post. I think baby pictures are great so I'll probably post pictures of my nephew too. And I will have my own stuff up here for your pleasure and opinion as well. What I'm saying is that this won't be a detailed blog about me, or gossip (unless it's really juicy), or other boring things. So until now, I haven't had a reason to post. But today I found this picture of Robert Downey Jr.